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2023 Edition - American Samoa Administrative Code

This the Official 2023 Edition of the American Samoa Administrative Code. 

Click Below for the following Documents:

  • American Samoa Code Annotated

  • Revised Constitution of American Samoa

  • Executive Orders

  • American Samoa Historical Documents

  • American Samoa - Public Laws

  • 1917 - Codification of the Regulations and Orders for the Government of American Samoa

Title 2


Title 3

Election Contributions

Title 4

Government Employees

Title 5

Public Planning Budget & Development

Title 6


Title 10

Public Works & Contracts

Title 11

Health & Economic Welfare Services

Title 12

Public Utilities & Energy

Title 13

Educational Institutions

Title 15

Parks &Recreation

Title 19

Commercial Vehicle Transportation

Title 20

Harbors & Navigation

Title 21


Title 22

Highways & Motor Vehicles

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