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Who is the Secretary of American Samoa?

The Secretary of American Samoa, who is also the Lt. Governor of American Samoa, is mandated by the Revised Constitution of American Samoa to record and preserve all of the laws and executive orders of American Samoa. The Secretary is also mandated by local statute to compile, index, and publish all effective rules adopted by each agency and to make sure that all of these rules are made available to the public.


In the 2019, the Secretary was tasked with establishing a system to alleviate the unnecessary public costs and regulatory burdens placed on the People of American Samoa. We have since expanded on this mandate as we continue to improve upon the of services offered by the Secretary. 

You can find out more by visiting our Projects page or our Services page. 

Visit our Projects page to learn more.


"It is essential to the maintenance of an orderly form of Government that both those administering the laws and those living under them should know, as far as possible, their exact provisions..."

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