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Notary Public Application

Want to become a notary public? Read below for more information or Click below to start.

Notary Application Form - Paper

Certification of Identity Form

Online Notary Application Form - Coming Soon

Notary Rules 

How to become a Notary Public

Eligibility & Process


  1. Must be at least 18 years of age

  2. Must have a regular place or work or business within the Territory of American Samoa

  3. Must reside legally in the Territory.

  4. Must be able to read & write English

  5. Must pass a notary course

  6. Must submit fingerprints for a criminal background check (visit the Records Division of the Department of Public Safety to obtain fingerprints - applicable only to first time notary applicants). 

Application Process

  1. Applicant must provide, indicate, and include:

    • Date of Birth

    • Residential address and phone number

    • Business and telephone number, business mailing address, name of employer if any

    • Must provide a notarized declaration stating that:

      • applicant is a US Citizen or a US National or proof of applicant's legal residency in the Territory

      • applicant can read and write English

    • ALL information on all issuance, denials, revocations, suspensions, restrictions, and resignations of a notarial commission, professional license, or public office involving the applicant in this or any other territory, state, or nation

    • ALL criminal convictions of the applicant, including any pleas of admission or nolo contendre, in this or any other territory, state or nation

    • ALL civil claims pending or disposed against a notary bond held by the applicant, and all civil findings or admissions of fault or liability regarding the applicant's activities as a notary, in this or any other territory, state, or nation

  2. Fill out the Notary Application form and the Certification of Identity Form.​

Fees and Bonds

  1. Application fee is $100 USD (non-refundable & provide proof of payment prior to sitting the online course and examination)

  2. Bond is $500 USD (refundable upon resignation, revocation, or expiration of notary commission

Course & Examination

  1. Each applicant is required to participate in a 3-hour notary course conducted by the Office of the Secretary of American Samoa.

  2. Must pass a written examination

  3. Must sit and complete a notary course within 3 months preceding application. If you miss the 3-month timeline, you will be required to sit for the next Notary Public Course and Examination. No exceptions will be made.


Have a notary question or wish to file a complaint against a notary? 

The Secretary of American Samoa is charged with commissioning and regulating notaries public in American Samoa. If you have any questions, or wish to file a complaint or report a possible violation, please contact our office.

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