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Notice of Intended Action to Amend the ASMCA - Rules - Am. Samoa Admin Code

On October 10, 2023, the American Samoa Medical Center Authority intends to establish a new rule in Title 25, Chapter 02 of the American Samoa Administrative Code pursuant to section 25.0604(c) of the American Samoa Code Annotated.

A copy of the proposed amendments is available and may be picked up at the American Samoa Medical Center Authority, ask for Lisa T. Vaivao, and may be downloaded from the American Samoa Government website, Also see below to download copy of proposed amendments.

Interested persons may submit written comments on the proposed amendments to the American Samoa Medical Center Authority at the LBJ Tropical Medical Center at Pago Pago Main Office on or before October 30, 2023.

Notice of intended action to amend the ASMCA_10.6.23
Download PDF • 714KB

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